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Do Good Things is an open platform for people and organizations that are doing good things. Want us to feature you or your organization? We’ll share your story – simply send us an article:

Do I qualify for an article?
If you’re doing something that helps people, local communities or the environment, we’ll post your story. If you’re just looking to sell something, please move along.

Who will read it?
Your story will be read by Tripping members in 90+ countries. There’s a good chance we’ll also mention it on Facebook and Twitter, so lots of people will get to learn about you and your organization.

What should I write about?
It’s totally up to you, though we recommend that you start off by giving us some background info about yourself or the organization. Tell us how you’re making the world a better place. Share stories about how your work has impacted the lives of other people around the world. And let us know how we can get involved as volunteers.

How much should I write?
You’re welcome to write as much as you’d like, though we recommend keeping your articles under 300 words. While we reserve the right to edit articles, we’ll do our best to keep changes to a minimum.

How many photos should I include?
Please send us at least 1 photo that we can post with your story. People love pictures, so we encourage you to send as many as you’d like… especially if they show you or your organization in action.

What else should I include?
When you send your story, please include this information in the email:

Your full name
The organization’s name
Official website or blog address
1 sentence about how you or your organization makes the world a better place

And… that’s it!
Ready to send your story? Email it to us at and – assuming it fits all the above guidelines – we’ll post it asap.

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