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Seeds of Africa Foundation

November 10, 2011

Seeds of Africa Foundation is an Ethiopia-based nonprofit which serves to cultivate children and young adults through innovative education and community development programs in Adama, Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is one of the world’s poorest countries.  Nearly 31 million people survive below the poverty line.   In 2004, the annual income was just above $100 a person.

But there is hope.  “The Seeds of Africa are her children.”  The Seeds of Africa Foundation believes that by educating and nurturing gifted young adults and children and by providing support for families and communities via community development programs, they can contribute to the transformation of communities, countries and all of Africa.

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The two areas of focus of the Seeds of Africa Foundation are education and community development.  In the realm of community development, the foundation provides the following:

  • Literacy classes
  • Job training
  • Micro-loans through partnerships with microfinance institutions
  • Entrepreneurship courses focused on starting a business, maximizing profits and generating jobs

The second area of focus is education. Via its unique after-school program, Seeding Education, the Seeds of Africa Foundation is empowering students and teachers to bridge the gap between potential and achievement.   The program includes cultural enrichment, academic projects, sports, the arts and student counseling services.  The following are examples of Seeding Education projects:

  • Project Communication and Sound:  this was the first music project, in which students used a stethoscope to transform the sound of their own heartbeats into drumbeats.  They then composed their own melodies and lyrics, and Seeding Education is  working on recording all of their songs.
  • The Published Writing Project:  students are encouraged to choose topics that for them have personal meaning and create both fiction and non-fiction pieces.  The process begins with the individual students brainstorming ideas; they then write a first draft and take part in the editing process together with teachers and their fellow students.  The finished ‘published’ product is put on display in the classroom.
  • The Generosity Art Project:  Initially students worked on investigating concepts such as caring, love and generosity.  They simultaneously developed an interest in creating an art gallery space on school grounds.  The two interests were melded together into the Current Concepts Project.  The focus of this project is generosity and the act of giving and involves students creating art with a recipient in  mind, as well as thinking about how to inspire joy in another person.

To learn more about the Seeds of Africa Foundation and how to get involved, including volunteering and internship opportunities, click here.

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